(Happened a year ago today: weirdly appropriate) COP 1 to COP 2: (reminscing) I would hit that, hard, and all day LONG, man.

BOTH: DALE!!! (obligatory handshake, tap on the back type thing). COP 1 (asks the counter guy): ey, where's the transvestite at? COUNTER GUY: Day off. COP 1: Day off for what? To strap some balls back on? COP 2: Pray that God grow him a nice rack? LITTLE GIRL: Mami, I think they're talking about Frankie. COP 2: (paying for his coffee) Don't worry baby, you don't need to worry about monsters like him while we're around, you got that?

(Super mama puts little girl down, takes cops hands, coffee spills a bit)

MAMA: Frankie is my son, pendejo. Who you fighting for, huh? Doesn't your boricua ass get enough hate? And don't you ever call my baby girl "baby," you hear? I don't need her to think that a fat ass in a suit with coffee and a gun can save her. Fuck women over on your own time, but leave the parenting to Frankie and I- that man in a dress saves her from you. YOU GOT THAT?